Te Hauora o Ngati Haua provides services and resources aimed at nurturing, connecting, empowering Ngati Haua whanau, hapu and Iwi

Te Hauora o Ngati Haua is a charitable trust established in 1999
“To promote a quality of life which reflects health and well being within the communities and people of Ngati Haua”

Our Vision:

“Ka Tu Mai a Haua”
Ngati Haua exercise ‘rangatirangata’ over their lives, environments and circumstances and are nurtured within their communities to meet their needs and aspirations.

Our Approach:

Te Hauora o Ngati Haua understands that people are most likely to realize their full potential (Rangatiratanga) and autonomy when they are secure in their identity, live in safe and supportive communities, healthy environments, with adequate income, housing and with meaningful roles in life.
Te Hauora o Ngati Haua building on our experiences over the last 13yr’s has created and affirmed our whanau centred service delivery ‘practice’ which is defined by the following pou;


    Whanau Oranga – Nurtured

Ngati Haua whanau are safe, secure, and nurtured spiritually, culturally  and emotionally within their homes, their whanau and environment.

    Whanau Kaha – Connected

Ngati Haua whanau are strong, connected and actively engaged with all key services, support people and resources relevant to their needs.

    Whanau Mana – Empowered

Ngati Haua whanau are empowered with knowledge, skills, resources and strategies to achieve their vision and aspirations.

    Whanau Hua – Flourishing

Ngati Haua whanau are diligent, independent, innovative, resilient, adaptable and in control of their lives and circumstances.


CEO Message, Darrin Haimona

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Our Governance Board

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THONH Strategic Plan 2013 – 2018