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Tikanga guides and directs correct thought, attitudes and behaviour based on traditional and contemporary Māori values and precedents

Manaaki tangata

Respects the dignity and integrity of everyone we engage with, sets standards of accountability, safety and Responsible Caring.

Mana ā iwi

Acknowledges inequality and impacts of colonisation and promotes a role of advocacy and empowerment to support autonomy.

whnanaketanga aa iwi

Establishes a role of education, support and social development.

tikanga whakakpononga

Delivers safe and accountable service in accordance with tikanga, ethical, legal and professional requirements

Our principles guide and monitor the delivery and objectives of all services when working with our people.

Our Philosophy

Our Guiding Philosophy provides a Māori value base to guide all aspects of design, implementation and evaluation.

Te Hauora o ngaat hauaa philosophy

A focus on wellness not illness

It values and respects diversity of roles and responsibilities

Promotes caring, unity, cooperation, growth & prosperity

Māori values of whānau, hapū & iwi are central to wellbeing.

Ensuring our whānau achieve success

Te Hauora o Ngāti Hauā understands that whānau can reach their full potential and autonomy when they are secure in their identity, living in safe and supportive environments and have meaningful roles in life. Our approach to ensure whānau achieve success is through;

Facilitating social justice & change

Establishing & strengthening strategic relationships & networks

Promoting whānau & community leadership

Raising awareness & encouraging action

Delivery of quality services & education

Whakahono mai ki kōnei

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