Strengthening Families aims to improve outcomes for children and young people by providing their families/whānau with co-ordinated, multi-agency support.

This is a family/whānau led process to assist agencies to work together as a team to support a family and is:


It is a voluntary service that relies on active participation by the whānau

Strength focussed

Focuses on whānau strengths, priorities and desired outcomes

Collaborative between agencies

Supports collaboration between government and community agencies


Tailored to meet the needs of whānau

We'll help you

  • Assess and identify your needs and aspirations for your family/whānau
  • Work with you to identify key agencies to be engaged in your place
  • Coordinate and facilitate Strengthening Families meetings
  • Facilitate access to relevant information, resources and services
  • Advocate on your behalf (if appropriate)
  • Facilitate, lead or support you in discussions with other services, agencies or whānau (where appropriate)
  • Monitor and evaluate progress with key agencies
  • Mitigate and work through any risks or challenges
  • Help build your knowledge, skills and confidence
  • Identify and build on personal strengths

The Strengthening Families Service is facilitated by Josie Rapana

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